Solar Teleport

Solar Teleport

With the Withthegrid Teleport you can simplify solar monitoring and remotely control your solar assets to maximize trading opportunities

Simplify monitoring and create more value

  • Setup in minutes (or installed by Withthegrid)
  • Works out of the box with all types of inverters (list here)
  • Real-time (millisecond) data logging
  • Firmware over the air (security) updates
  • Own cloud or SaaS solution
  • Offline mode up to 10 days

Including software to switch (curtail) automatically at negative prices

Example: Prices from March 22, 2022

Be prepared for the future

From 2023, all new solar parks > 1MWp must be able to be switched remotely by the grid operator.

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Run your smart algorithms on the edge

  • Monitoring:

    Collect local measurement data from your smart devices. Up to every 100ms. Process the data directly at the edge or forward it to your cloud.

  • Control:

    give instructions to your devices: Charge batteries, charge maximum, limit solar production, maximize self-consumption. Receive real-time confirmation on sent control signals.

  • EMS:

    Realize a complete energy management system. Benefit from fast response times. Ensures robustness in the event of network failures

  • Filter:

    Filter data directly on the Teleport to reduce the load on the server side.

  • Merge:

    Collect and process data at the edge to reduce latency, limit bandwidth usage, and comply with privacy regulations.

  • Load balancing:

    Local dynamic net balancing off.

Also works with Withthegrid Asset Monitoring Cloud

Remotely control your solar panels, whenever, wherever. Automatic or manually.

Curtailment service offering

  • Automatically switching of solar panels at negative energy prices
  • Installation by a specialist
  • Always up to date with the latest cybersecurity requirements
  • No upfront costs
  • Works immediately

Unlimited integration possibilities

Withthegrid asset monitoring
Your own cloud
Your own database
And much more …

Device specifications

Technical details


112mm x 84mm x 25mm


Aluminium housing


450 gram

Power Supply



  • LAN
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • Cellular (4G/LTE Cat1)
  • GPS/Glonass
  • 3X USB
  • 1x RS485 (2-wire) / RS232 port, terminal-block
  • 2x analog 4–20mA input
  • 4x digital outputs + 4x digital inputs


  • CPU: NXP i.MX8M Mini, quad-core ARM Cortex-A53, 1.8GHz
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Primary storage: 32GB

Why Withthegrid?

Unique plug and play solution. Cybersecurity is our top priority. Independent.